One of the biggest advantages of online casinos is the opportunity to play for free, just for fun. But the game can not be called a gamble if you do not do the real interest rate. Playing online casino games for real money a few minutes will be enough to win a few thousand dollars. For example, only one distribution Blackjack can double their monthly salary. Lose everything, of course, can also quickly.

Today there are hundreds of online casinos on the money serving players from Russia and around the world. Many of them are legitimate companies with a special license. But very often fraudulent online casinos that may one day disappear together with the means of the players. The best way to avoid becoming a victim – to play places that have a good reputation among players.

Cash bonuses at online casinos

Typically, large online casinos offer a lot of bonuses for players making a deposit real money. Some even offer a no deposit bonus. That is just an institution gives money to a player could bet without gaming account.

Winning a certain amount due to such a free bonus, you still will have to make a deposit in order to withdraw winnings. In addition, no deposit bonuses are always maximum limits on payments. This means that if you fall through the jackpot of $ 20,000, but do not run the full wagering requirements for this bonus (special conditions for the casino to prevent the laundering of bonus money players), even after the initial deposit, you can cash out only the most the permissible amount of money. Usually it is not more than $ 250.

Often there are really very attractive deposit bonuses, they should use. Just be sure to make sure you have carefully read all the conditions for their receipt.

If you already have a certain amount that you would like to increase gambling, we recommend paying attention to the welcome bonuses. Depending on the casino, you can increase your score more than twice. To get the bonus you need to make your first deposit. Before obtaining the payment of winnings earned as a result of playing the bonus money, you need to sum you have made bids was at least the total amount of the deposit and bonus. Bonuses by themselves can not be cashed. In general, the welcome bonus is a very valuable tool for the rapid increase in your capital.

It is important to always carefully read the full terms for bonus money, not to mention the basic rules of the online casino. All of the above online casinos for real money bonus offer transparent, have a solid reputation, provide excellent service its customers reliable and valid in payments.


Possibility jackpot – a strong incentive to play for money, so you really can become a millionaire, and you do not even need to spend thousands of dollars on this, although it certainly improves your chances. Many casino games are present with progressive jackpot, where the main prize amount can be estimated in the millions.

Tournaments in online casinos

Last but not least, it is an opportunity to take part in these tournaments that organize online casinos, taking real money as a wager. Similarly, in a poker tournament – there is a great opportunity to win large sums of money with less risk. In tournaments where the size of the pot depends on how many players participated, winnings can be simply enormous. Entry fee is typically less than $ 10. Still there is the so-called freerolls – tournaments with no entry fee, but with the ability to do intrusive rebuy (buy more chips). In other words, you still need money if you want to stay in the game.

Each rebuy will bring you a certain amount of credits, ie spins on the slot machine, or chips at the poker table, which probably cost more than the game out of the tournament. At the conclusion of the tournament, players are awarded with the highest prize in accordance with the rules.

How safe to gamble?

Most online casinos give the opportunity to play for real and virtual money. Play those that do not offer both options – not a good idea. After a free game from the perspective of the player, this is an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves with the games and decide which is more suitable for you. Online casino with the same software is very similar to each other and often offer the same games. Thanks to the game in free mode, you can always find certain factors that influence the choice places.

Not all online casinos are so honest and transparent as we would like. For example, some may cheat if you do not get a permanent income. In this case, it is likely that the game can be manipulated by setting a higher chance of winning in a free game, and the lowest in the game for real money.

You can only trust those casinos that operate on licensed software, and ensure that the use of a random number generator (randomly determines the outcome rates). If you choose this, the chances of the game of the paid and free modes are equal. Therefore, if you feel that the free game is free, then you should feel the same when playing for money.

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